World of Warcraft Races:  Forsaken

"The undead Forsaken are a faction of former Scourge who have regained their free will. Led by the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner, many Forsaken bear a bitter view of the living, as most living creatures look upon them with fear, derision, and hatred. Notable members of the Forsaken have embraced their state of undeath and move beyond it, whether for altruistic purposes, or far darker intent."

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arin tricks danny into saying “what is updog” (x)

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Pokemon Center news!

1) Petit Plush: New Petit plush are being released on April 26th. Several other Petit themed goods (mugs, mini towels, tote bags, etc) are also being released, but only featuring Pikachu, not any of the new petit plush.

Each of the Petit Plush is 667 yen (plus tax)

2) DX Pokedolls: DX Pokedolls of the three starter final evos, as well as Dedenne, are also being released on April 26th.

The starter evo DX Pokedolls are 2,300 yen (plus tax) each, Dedenne DX Pokedoll is 2,778 yen (plus tax)

And for those keeping track, there is a poop load of stuff all being released at the same time on the 26th…Someone hold me. There is going to be a lot of people.

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This movie is my favourite music and scene wise. It’s so beautiful .3.

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